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Center for information and hints in house maintenance and decoration because a home is a center of happiness of a family.


One Day Trip @ Saraburi

“Mr.Sukjai” comes back again to lead you to tour Thailand in a simple style.This time I will take you to Saraburi,

Why you have to choose PD House?

Talking about a beautiful house, a house that is the center of the family, a house of love,

Visit Chiang Mai…The Land of Thai Lanna

“Mr.Sukjai” comes back to take you to tour Thailand. Now I will lead you to “Nop Buri Si Nakhon Phin” or Chiang Mai,

How To : 10 questions to be Answered by Those Who Want to Build a House!

We are sure that nobody wants to make a wrong decision.It is so bad if we want to build a house

Visit Song Khwae City..Phitsanulok (Part II)

“Mr.Sukjai” comes back again with the story of Song Khwae city.I told you the history of the city in partI so now

Visit Song Khwae City.. Phiysanulok (Part I)

“Mr.Sukjai” comes back as usual and will bring new stories to the audiences. “Mr.Sukjai” will introduce province that worth visiting Get ready and follow me.

Ubon Ratchathani: the Land of Lotus and Two-Color River (EP2)

The motto of Ubon Ratchathani can tell everything about the province. The previous episode told about Ubon Ratchathani’s history

Ubon Ratchathani: the Land of Lotus and Two-Color River (EP1)

Hello back again with us, ‘Nai Sukjai.’ This time we are taking you to a province in the lower northeastern region, “Ubon Ratchathani,

9 Outstanding Features of PD House Home Builder Center

The house designs with the 5 characteristics (Earth, Fire, Metal, Water and Wood)