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21 Jul2018

“The White House Series” Simply and Luxurious for Big Family

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         PD House International Co., Ltd or PD House Home Builder center, the leader in energy saving and environmentally friendly house with offices all over the country introduces modern style house under the theme “The White House Series”. The concept of the houses in the series is emphasized on the white tone which will make the house look simple but luxurious and modern. The house Model ME-148 with a prominent shape, luxury and stability mixed with line of modern design both interior and exterior reflects the taste of the owner. The selection of outer material of the building makes the house become energy saving and environmentally friendly. The wide fornt area of the house lets the air easily go through and good for relaxing in the morning or late afternoon. This big house with five bedrooms, six bathrooms and two parking and a maid building with all living area of 710 square meters is good for a large family.