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06 Nov2018

PD House Assured Home Builder market Recover in Q4, Launched Big Pro For 1.2 Billion Sale Goal

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           PD House viewed home builder market in the past 9 months tardy. Fortunately, the government signaled for general election to awake the purchasing power for Q4.The total sale amount from Sept. was 800m. which was lower than the target set. New models were released to drive the sales for Q4.

           Mr.Pisan Thammawiset, the manager of PD House International Co., Ltd. disclosed that the total
sales amount of the company in Q3 was a little lower that the target. This resulted from some of the
consumers were not convinced about the situation of natural disaster caused by storm. They were
afraid there would be flood in the north, northeast and in the south of the country. However, the
signal of general election by the government yielded the positive factor for the market because they
thought the economic tended to recover.

           From the improvement of the situation in Q3 and the belief of the people in the north and the northeast not to build a house during Buddhist Lent period, they began to build houses again after the end of Buddhist Lent. It is believed that in Q4 home builder market will recover. So there were more customers contacted the company for the information. The total sales amount of the company from
Sept 2018 was about eight hundred million which was a little lower than expected so the purchasing power should be provoked in the last two months of the year.

           “The overall image of home builder market for the past nine months (Jan to Sept) was not good as expected especially for the leading home builder companies. They had to avoid competing with new or small companies who compete by cutting cost and not thinking about the effect in the long run. This brought even big and leading companies involved in cutting price competition which will bring bad results to themselves.”

           Miss Tiraporn Suwannasut, director of marketing division also added that” Though the competition in home builder market is severe by the end of the year, it benefits the consumers because they have more choices. The entrepreneurs have to improve themselves to show how professional they are and PD House is not an exception. Lastly, PD launched 4 new house models, modern style and suit for narrow plot of land with price range from2-4 million baht. On the opening occasion, PD gives special discount for those who make reservation within November 2018 (the promotion is for the customers in Bangkok and perimeter).


           Pd House offices both in Bangkok and upcountry have also held sales promotion activities by joining the alliance suppliers to give special discount to customers that suit the environment and cultures in each region to provoke the purchasing power. For example, Phuket office gives special promotion on
Father’s Day wuth maximum discount 500,000 baht for five house models. Chiangmai office gives special promotion to welcome winter with maximum discount 800,000 baht. They set 200 million sales target for these promotion.


           The consumers should study and consider thoroughly on term and condition of the contract, lists of materials used and the experienced of the builders before choosing the builder. Merely cheap price or big promotion are not enough. if the materials used are not qualified, there will be problems with the house in the future, Miss Tiraporn concluded.