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27 Jun2019

“Less is More ดีไซน์น้อย แต่ให้มาก”

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      Sales promotion activity by the end of 2nd quarter under the concept “Less is More-Design Less Give More” for  the customer who makes the reservation and sign a construction contract with a new Series “Modern Minimal Series” only the first 12 houses. Give special discount 12% only 4 models as follow

Model F-191 normal price 3,121,000 Baht, special price only 2,747,ooo baht
Materials Standard series, living area 176 square meters Click

Model F-192 normal price 3,185,000 baht, special price only 2,803,000 baht
Materials Standard series, living area 189 square meters Click

Model F-195 normal price 3,510,000 baht, special price only 3,089,000 baht
Materials Standard series, living area 201 square meters Click

Model F-198 normal price 3,966,000 baht, special price only 3,490,000 baht
Materials Exclusive series, living area 229 square meters Click

Duration of promotion: Make a reservation from now-July 15, 2019 or only the first 12 houses
Sign contract within August 31, 2019
Conditions: Special promotion
  • Only the customer who build the house in Bangkok and perimeter (In case the house is built upcountry, the company reserves the right to give the promotion as specified.)
  • The promotion is for the customer who build the house with the standard design with PD House Home Builder center within the time specified(make a reservation and sign contract within August 31,2019)
  • The company reserves the right to change terms and condition without prior notice.
  • Terms and conditions are as specified by the company.